We co-design future organizations

IXDS co-develops solutions for future ready organizations.
New Work is a collaborative process by which organizations abandon old paradigms. The focus on planned goal achievement gets replaced by the design of open-ended processes, maximum agility and the willingness to learn and respond to the outside and inside environment. 

With our help, leaders embrace the potential of their teams and align organizational models and culture with bigger innovation initiatives, like the redesign of business models. Our support ranges from designing team structures, learning systems, prototyping hubs and startup structures, to the design of physical new working environments.

We support executives, unit and team managers who recognize the extraordinary levels of complexity they must manage and look for ways to simplify – to become better and quicker in defining problems and experimenting with solutions, setting up processes that allow ideas to emerge, which can be channeled into opportunity fields and be tested quickly for business potential.

Prototyping is probably the single most pragmatic behavior the innovative firm can practice.

Harvard Business Review, September 2015

We become part of the project team for a period of time and live the “new reality” of agility and collaboration that we suggest. We involve the “users” – team members – to participate in designing their own organization, ensuring sustainability and buy in in the process. Managed change happens in real time. Team members become experts of tools in user-centered innovation and solving challenges in their own organization quickly.