We are joining the PwC family in Germany

We are proud to announce a new chapter in our story

We started IXDS 14 years ago with the ambition to create desirable and lasting impact: for individuals, for organizations, and for our planet. We have built the most talented team of researchers, designers and creative technologists, who develop and prototype holistic solutions within the medical, household, manufacturing and mobility sectors – always with the human being at the center.

Pioneering at the intersection of Experience, Business and Technology, we are lucky to work with the bravest organizations and individuals; jointly driven to shape a desirable future.

The ever-increasing complexity of the world demands more smartness, broader system thinking, deeper expertise, and extensive co-creation across disciplines.

To meet these complexities, we are proud to announce a new chapter in our story:

We are joining the PwC family in Germany.

Our talented team will contribute to solving even larger and more relevant challenges. Combining the well-renowned business and technology minds of PwC, and our inherent innovation capabilities and human-centeredness, we can, together, create the most relevant impact [for our customers].

As the future comes, we are looking forward to meeting more brave leaders to collaborate with, to create urgently needed mindset and system change, and to work where our creativity makes a real difference.