Video features from our Pioneers Dinner!

Insight into the evening's key discussions.
We had incredible guests attend our #PioneersDinner, including guest speakers Sandra Rolle, Jessica Covi, Tobias Ködel, Suhail Ahmed Khan, José Eduardo Sánchez & Florian Weingarten. For a taste of the evening, check out our video highlights below!
Sven-Anwar Bibi with Sandra Rolle, Jessica Covi & Suhail Ahmed Khan
Tracy Rolling with Tobias Ködel & Florian Weingarten
Isabell Fringer with José Eduardo Sánchez

For more highlights, visit our photo gallery and event recap here. And join us in Berlin and Munich on April 9 & 11 respecitvely for our April PreWorkTalks! We'll be privy to critical learnings on how to make your competitors your customers, with scrappel's Matthias Spanic.