Hello, I am
Tracy Rolling

Co-Entrepreneur Human Industries
If you want to go to the moon, you have to start with a firecracker.

Tracy is a Co-Entrepreneur in the Human Industries Venture, focused on helping customers see into the future.

As a fearless but methodical innovator, Tracy’s sweet spot in technology is the moment when an idea moves from research to customers. She has long been fascinated by emerging technology, especially the IoT.

Prior to joining IXDS, she worked at Philips, where she helped build mobile applications for connected consumer healthcare devices, and at Nokia/HERE, where she worked on research projects in VR, AR, and wearables.

Tracy believes that the connected future will need entirely new design disciplines and that these will have their roots in service design. She aims to invent and propagate these new disciplines and techniques at IXDS.

In her time off, Tracy hangs out at her studio, where she designs apps, DIY IoT projects, and complicated knitting patterns. She also makes very analog art and photography.

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