This is us. IXDS

Germany’s leading service design studio. Focused on connected hardware services.
Emerging technologies increasingly create business opportunities. IXDS transforms these opportunities into sustainable service systems by applying a hands-on, user-research driven approach. We design and prototype meaningful user experiences for all service touch points – both analog and digital. Our exploratory, agile design methods help clients launch commercial services and enable organizational transformation.
About IXDS

As the leading German service design studio, IXDS supports companies and organizations to design their future by building innovative products & services based on sustainable business models. True to the motto ‘prototyping the future’, we develop solutions for tomorrow’s challenges by working in areas such as smart homes, intelligent health management, seamless mobility solutions as well as modern working and manufacturing environments. With the help of a user-oriented prototyping approach, we create human experiences – both analog and digital – across all touchpoints. In Berlin and Munich our interdisciplinary team of engineers and designers works to this goal for international organizations such as BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON and Volkswagen, as well as for startups like Aupeo, CardioSecur, FamilyNet and Mimi.

This video provides you with a quick 1 minute overview of IXDS.

Our focus. Our passion.

Products & Services that matter

We invest our energy, skills and experience in real challenges. Challenges that matter. Challenges that embody our values. 

We create products and services for real people, with real lives, in real circumstances. We engage with the individuals we design for, understand needs and intentions, and use technology for its best purpose: to enhance our analog lives.

We have formed HUBS around the challenges that interest us most, and have implemented teams that understand the circumstances, regulatories, corporate and startup players, trends as well as hurdles to overcome – these teams are made up of members with a real passion. Our passion is what drives us.

Explore the themes that are currently in our focus. Get in touch if you want to exchange thoughts or collaborate on a challenge. If you want to join us and be part of the team, let us know about YOUR passion! We're always happy to engage with individuals who share our appetite for innovation.

Our skills.

What we do

Magic happens when design, engineering and industrial design skills come together – grounded on solid business thinking.

Whether we work in short design sprints, or long-term product development cycles, the user is always at the heart of what we do. We start the product and service development process by generating user insights to inform the ideation. We map out the service ecosystem, consider viable business models, explore analog and digital touchpoints, design joyful user experiences and test all kinds of interfaces. Our multi-national and multi-disciplinairy team powers this process with their variety of skills and experiences. Talk to Timm to find out more about our design ambitions.

Our engineering skills enable us to understand new technologies, electronics, sensors and how to prototype our ideas to make them tangible. We build connected hardware prototypes, explore gesture interfaces, design PCBs and code the internet of things

Our love for the analog world with its beautiful materials and shapes, and our fascination with the body's ability to navigate this analog world in such elegant and natural ways, leads to physical products. Products that blend into our analog lives, hide all the technology and the "smartness" they encompass, allow for a seamless access to the services that help improve our lives. Talk to Stephan to find out more about our industrial design ambitions.

Successful products and services are guaranteed when all skills come together!

Our roots.

How it all started

When Reto was appointed professor for Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam in 2003, it quickly became clear that research, teaching and commercial work needed to be interweaved to provide the best results for all: for the students, the community, the clients and – of course – for the team!

This founding vision for IXDS is still alive today, with team members teaching at various universities and speaking at events & conferences, taking part in active research and open-source-communities, and lots of exciting cutting-edge work being carried out with our # clients.

When IXDS was officially founded in 2006, we were the first design studio in Germany with such strong expertise in designing services based on connected hardware. Our expertise grew, as did the awareness in society for these services. Today the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere.  

If you are interested in our roots, read this story about the early days of IXDS

This video provides you with a 7 minute deep dive into into our culture, beliefs, approach and methods.

Our studios are in Berlin & Munich. Our platform is everywhere.

Berlin & Munich

We believe in great spaces and their positive effect on team culture and creativity. We build our studios for collaboration and networking, for meet-ups, events and inspiration. We believe in conversations, teamwork and co-creation. Everyone is free to choose where to work, and we invite everyone in to collaborate with us. We travel to work side by side with our partners and clients around the world. We are digital nomads whose worldwide platform of friends makes up what we call home. But we do love our amazing spaces in Berlin and Munich and miss them when we're not in town. What's great about our studios is that our (ground-floor) doors are always open, so we invite you to come and visit!

Our newest adventure is IXDS labs.

Connected Hardware Startups

We started building startups in 2013, alongside our consulting work. This has ranged from applying startup methodology in corporate environments, to helping with an agile approach to innovation, establishing new businesses, and forming a "start-up-for-hire" team for founders. Our experience with this has been amazing. We love the agile hands-on way of working and the ambition and drive of our partners. We have also designed, built and launched our own products and services and enable our team members to become founders. 

IXDS labs offcially launched in January 2016, as a result of our work and ambitions in this space. With IXDS labs we now have a platform that enables us to be more active in (co)-founding connected hardware startups.

Read more about IXDS labs here!

Our team. Our culture.

Get to know the individuals

Reto is our Founder, Nancy our Managing Director, Verena leads the Berlin studio and Alexandra leads Munich. IXDS is co-owned by its directors and we are proud of being privately held and independent.

We relish the idea of a collective of driven, ambitious individuals. We love what we do and how we do it. We are not driven by profit but the value we create. We live by our "Four Ps" and enjoy our unique #culture

We have lives outside IXDS which inspire us every day. We all value our private time, which is why we all work 80% only. Read more about it here!

Our team doesn't end at our organizational borders, we have an extended network of very skilled individuals that we engage with to help us solve our challenges. Be part of it!

Want to be part of it?

The doors are open

Whether you’re a corporation looking for a project partner, or you want to extend your team to solve a challenge; if you're in need of a hands-on team to drive your idea forward, a co-founder for a business idea in the connected hardware space, or perhaps you’re on the hunt for inspiring speakers – engage with us! 

We would also love to hear from you if you want to become part of the IXDS collective. Explore our available positions or let us know how you would like to contribute.

Or just come along to mingle and exchange ideas with us during our various meetups and events.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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We're passionate about engaging in the community, leading with our thoughts, hosting events, speaking at conferences, publishing our ideas and discussing our experiments and challenges. We're happy and proud to inspire people and to contribute to something worth sharing. 

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