This is IXDS labs.

We believe that the startup approach is the fastest route to innovation. That’s why we created IXDS labs: our platform to build connected hardware startups.
Startup methodology helps to quickly identify opportunities and challenges, especially in innovations with many unknown factors – as is the case with connected hardware products and services. With the comprehensive design expertise of IXDS and our experience in building successful companies, IXDS labs enables us to found our own startups, as well as collaborate with partners to launch joint ventures.

Our mothership IXDS is one of the leading German design consultancies, with 10 years' experience in supporting companies and organizations to design their future by building innovative and sustainable business models. With IXDS labs we are taking it one step further, actually co-founding companies together with partners.

We are convinced that one of the most important phases of a building a company actually happens before the company even exists. It’s the time when the vision is developed, product ideas are brainstormed, and a business canvas is sketched up. It’s that phase where we add significant value, by leading an iterative and agile process towards an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with the goal to test a product/business hypothesis.

Is the problem we're trying to solve actually real? Is it about life or death, or rather nice to have, but nobody actually cares? How many people experience this problem? Is our answer addressing that problem in the right way? Are people willing to pay for it? Will they tell their friends, family or colleagues about it?

IXDS has a team of 60+ in #design and #engineering based in Berlin and Munich. Together we offer a wide range of expertise, including service design, industrial design, visual design, branding, hardware and software prototyping, management support, business strategy and business development, which we will apply to get these questions answered.

Our goal is to form partnerships that last.


We invest our energy, skills and experience into real challenges. Challenges that matter. Challenges that embody our values. And we are looking for partners who share our vision.

Our potential partners are startups, inspiring individuals, corporations, co-working spaces, investors and accelerators. We bring design, engineering and startup expertise to the table, and we're open to different forms of collaboration. Let us be your dedicated design team as co-founders, or let's build a new joint venture together. We also design unique programs for innovation and entrepreneurship, which serve as a launch pad for new products and services ideas within larger companies.

Team and culture.

Bryony is our CEO, Hannes our CPO, and they run IXDS labs together with Reto, Nancy and the IXDS team.

We have lives outside IXDS which inspire us every day. We all value our private time, which is why we all work 80% only. Read more about it here!

Our startup experience.

Startup projects

In the past we worked together intensively with founders and startup teams such as Mimi, CardioSecur andLifeBuddy. We supported them from the initial concepts through to product launch, doing hands-on service design, UX and visual design of their products as an active part of their team.

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