Pioneering at the intersection of Experience, Technology and Business

Through fast and iterative prototyping, we make the future of companies tangible and provide them with the solid foundation to take the next steps.
Who we are

In order to create the most relevant impact, we just joined the PwC family in Germany.

What we do


We prototype products, services and experiences to uncover potential, validate assumptions and drive strategic directions that future-proof organisations.

We put humans first and build experiences that respond to real needs.

We analyse business processes, organizational capabilities and cultures to empower teams and businesses.

We use technology as a toolbox to open up opportunities, empower new solutions and drive meaningful conversations.

Who we work with


Focussing on industries where we can create the largest impact, we bring in expertise in the areas of Seamless Mobility, Connected Living, Participatory Health, and Human Industries

We team up with inspiring partners in every industry which dare to bring ambitious ideas to life, such as:

How we do it


We believe the future isn’t predicted – it’s designed. Therefore, we constantly iterate and elevate our skillset focused on impact in the areas of Experience, Technology and Business.


As society and human intentions change, so must our products, services, systems and spaces.

We put humans first and build experiences that respond to real needs and thereby empower and delight the individual.


Technology should never be a limitation, but an inspiration — carefully chosen to solve human needs and empower business intelligence.

We use technology as a toolbox that opens up opportunities, empowers new solutions and drives meaningful conversations. We explore, develop, prototype and build data-driven software and hardware solutions to solve business problems, streamline processes, improve experiences and discover new potential.


Global developments and changing markets require a constant review of capabilities and opportunities to lead successful business transformation.

We analyse business and partnership models, ways of working, business processes as well as organizational capabilities and cultures and thereby empower teams and businesses.

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IXDS Munich
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