The secret to good work? Good coffee

Bad office coffee is the worst kind of coffee, so we called in the pros.
When you walk through the doors of our Berlin office, the first thing you will hear is the whirling sound grinding coffee. Since our neighbors Concierge Coffee (undoubtedly the best coffee in the city), pimped up our old machine, became our bean supplier and gave us an espresso tutorial, that noise has become a (welcome) permanent fixture. 
The moment we all turned into coffee snobs

Here’s the introduction to the brave new IXDS world of coffee by our lovely local barista Namy – it’s the condensed 90 second version for all those looking for quick tips on how to avoid making bad espresso.
Concierge Coffee show us how it's really done.

Now there's even more incentive to drop by our studio for a visit. And if all else fails, we can just head to the entrance of our courtyard and buy a really good espresso directly from Namy.