The perfect space for your creative events

Ensure an inspiring free flow of ideas
You know our studio from Pre-Work Talks, workshops, parties and more. Now, we like to extend you an offer to hold exclusive events of your own, in our space! 

Situated in the creative heart of Kreuzberg, you’ll find three bright rooms, a flexible setting with an open atmosphere, self-catering facilities, ample post-its for design-thinking workshops and some of the best espressos in Berlin within walking distance.

If you're planning a one day boutique retreat, a three day hackathon, or a weeklong creative workshop - our rooms provide the perfect mix of infrastructure and inspiration for up to 25 people.

If you also want to make use of our expertise in Human Industries, Seamless Mobility, Connected Living and Participatory Health, we will be happy to expand IXDS’ consulting arm to include personalized in-house consults with our experts.

Get in touch! We are just a click away: booking@ixds.com

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