The #IXDSCriticalQuestion Video Series

At IXDS, we believe that the first step towards a solution is asking the right question.
Every month, our Pre-Work Talk speakers pose their own #IXDSCriticalQuestion, seeking to to open discussion and spark inspiration around the topic to the months Pre-Work Talk. Topics span the fields of tech, design and ethics.
Maximilian Schmidt, Experience Designer


Maximilian Schmidt, Experience Designer and listening coach, explores the topic of Empathic Listening as a design tool.

David Weigend (Futurium)


David Weigend of the Futurium takes a look at the roles we can personally play to combat climate change.

Jon Derman Harris (Amorelie)


As a Product Designer at Amorelie, a Berlin-Based sex toy company, Jon Derman Harris looks into possible future directions for the industry.

Dirk Hoffmann (DAIN Studios)


Dirk Hoffmann, of Data and AI Consultancy DAIN Studios, explores the use of AI in prototyping.

James Lynden (IXDS)


IXDS' own James Lynden presents his questions for the consumer electronics industry after attending IFA 2019.

Gloria Biberger (IXDS)


IXDS Design Specialist Gloria Biberger looks at what we need to do to stay inspired going into 2020.

Dr Andreas Rickert (PHINEO)


Founder and CEO of PHINEO Dr Andreas Rickert asks how we can reconcile business and social sector industries.

Janis Reinelt (AICURA Medical)


As a business developer at AICURA Medical and a qualified doctor, Janis Reinelt investigates the gap between healthcare tech innovations and their use in hospitals.

Rèmi Bigot & Oliver Hill (German Autolabs)


As Voice-User-Interface Experts at German Autolabs, Rèmi Bigot & Oliver Hill look into how a VUI can help drivers on a daily basis.

Tobias Ködel, Transformation Advisor


As an experienced advisor and consultant for transforming companies, Tobias Ködel looks into the link between wokplace culture and success in business.

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