The IXDS Blackbox: Refugee Text

"Just go for it." The team behind the hugely successful social innovation project Refugee Text share tips on how to create impact at scale.
Welcome to the IXDS Blackbox! In this video series, we’re putting our thought-leader friends into the Blackbox and under some light interrogation to give you their final impact statements (you know, before the plane goes down). Their last words on a topic they’re passionate about. Words that they hope will make you stop and think. For this edition, we put IXDS team members Caroline Arvidsson, Ciaran Duffy, and their Refugee Text Co-Founder, Kåre Solvåg, into the Blackbox to talk designing for a social purpose.

Governments and international organizations are taking action to address the global refugee crisis. But the plight of so many is far from over. While still at university in Copenhagen, IXDS designers Caroline Arvidsson and Ciaran Duffy, and their colleague Kåre Solvåg, decided to utilize their skills and knowledge in service design and prototyping and make a difference. They delved into the world of social innovation, and created a chatbot refugees can use to get up-to-date information while they are on their journeys. The bot is now being used by groups including the UN, to help keep refugees safe and in-the-know. Check out what they had to say about taking a chance and making a change.

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