The IXDS Blackbox: Hey Alexa, let's talk privacy

With Jon Rogers, Professor of Creative Technology, University of Dundee.
Welcome to the IXDS Blackbox! In this video series, we’re putting our thought-leader friends into the Blackbox and under some light interrogation to give you their final impact statements (you know, before the plane goes down). Their last words on a topic they’re passionate about. Words that they hope will make you stop and think. For this edition, we put Jon Rogers from University of Dundee & the Mozilla Open IoT Studio into the Blackbox to talk about waking up to digital privacy.

In a world heading towards the Internet of everything, and technology becoming more engrained in the most intimate parts of our lives, are we really considering the implications this has on our privacy? It may not be the sexiest of topics, but as Jon points out in his Blackbox statement: the novelty of convenience can quickly turn into modern-day digital degradation.

'Privacy' in The Blackbox with Jon Rogers

What do you think? Have your say, and for more Blackbox videos head to our dedicated Youtube channel. And for a deeper look into this topic, check out the presentation Jon gave at our Pre-Work Talk on 'Designing for Trust', alongside Ame Elliott, Design Director at Simply Secure, at a Pre-Work Talk here