Hello, I am
Stefano Lanzani

Industrial Designer
Meaningful experiences are fundamental to enable technologies that can improve our society

Stefano is an Industrial and UX Designer at IXDS.
In his work, Stefano aims to create devices and systems which are fully integrated with people’s daily life, thus not distracting users and letting them focus on what they consider important. He does this by creating hybrid systems which merge the physical and the digital world. He applies a user-centered, hands-on approach, where prototyping is a core element of the process. Over- all, he believes that intuitive interfaces and seamless experiences are fundamental to facilitate the adoption of technologies able to tackle society’s challenges.
After completing his bachelor's at the Politecnico of Milano as a Product Designer, he continued his studies at the Technical University of Eindhoven, where he deepened his knowledge of Interaction and UX Design for connected devices. Through his studies, Stefano collaborated with different companies in projects that ranged from traditional Industrial Design to UX Design. Recently, he worked as an intern in Signify for Philips Hue. He joined the team at IXDS in 2019.
On his fifth day, Stefano likes to go biking or hiking, if not, he is probably learning new things about UI Design and coding.

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