Hello, I am
Stefan Schulz

Co-Entrepreneur Seamless Mobility
Innovation needs to help us live better lives.

Stefan joins IXDS Munich as a Co-Entrepreneur in the Seamless Mobility Venture. In the changing world of mobility, he strives for innovations that make live-improving, humane products and services possible.

Stefan studied Media Computer Sciences and from the start, developed a knack for new ways of interaction between users and their devices. He joined the automotive industry in a time where color displays in cars were an innovation and worked more than 12 years for the Volkswagen Group. Impact and form of user interfaces changed dramatically during this time. Stefan's work helped to innovate car HMIs, speech and gesture interactions, and multitouch-point interfaces for connected cars, digital products and strategic guidelines for UX. He also established and led a team of UX designers, strategists and user researchers on strategic UX projects.

Stefan loves building bridges between people, professions, departments and enjoys to successfully manage the interests of clients, teams and users for their mutual benefit. As a possibilist, he believes that together, we can master every challenge.

On his fifth day, Stefan explores his new home, Munich, and the mountains nearby, both by bike and foot. And perhaps, he might soon start writing this book he’s long been talking about.

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