Startupathon 2016 winners announced!

Safe Walking awarded €30,000 to build a startup with IXDS labs
Last November, we hosted an epic Startup Hackathon weekend at IXDS, giving budding entrepreneurs the chance to become IXDS lab's co-founders in a brand new digital health IoT startup.

Over one hectic, fantastic weekend, we invited designers, engineers, business and marketing entrepreneurs to join us for an intense startup hackathon. The energy throughout both days was incredible; a total of 14 teams (49 people) took part, in addition to the amazing line up of judges and mentors on hand to support them. 

The objective of this Startupathon was to create a solution for people who live with a disability or impairment, which supports them in keeping up their daily routines. We call this 'IoT for Independent Living'.

On Saturday, the team's concepts were presented to a panel of judges to decide the big winner. To find the strongest contenders, we considered technical feasibility, business viability and desirability of the product, as well as assessing how well the product addressed user needs.

The Winning team

The winning team was 'Safe Walking', lead by Leonardo Opitz. They conceptualized a smart device for blind and visually impaired people, which can be attached to a white cane or clothing to sense the surrounding environment and plan safe routes for walking. The team was awarded €30,000 to work in an intensive 3 month company builder program at IXDS labs, in our beautiful Berlin co-working space.

Together, our goal is to build a successful user-facing startup that solves a real problem, to grow and scale on a global level.