Startup Team for Hire

In just 12 weeks, your company can prototype, test and validate ideas; it’s the fast track to discovering product market fit.
IXDS has the people, the infrastructure and the know-how to accelerate your ideas in an inspirational, creative space. We adopt the speed and agility of startups, developing viable business ideas together with expert designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Our ‘Startup Team for Hire’ gives your company the chance to experiment and take moonshots: without the risk of operating under your own brand, without the cost and effort of setting up your own infrastructure, without the limitations of organizational structures and hierarchies. We also look for a strategic fit, to ensure the ideas generated align with your corporate vision.

What You Achieve in 12 Weeks

1 - 3 of your employees or managers will join us for 4 days per week to work hands-on, being coached in service design and the lean startup approach. You will join experts from the worlds of design, technology and business to cover the following topics:

  • Ideation
  • User Research
  • Concept Development
  • Service & UX Design
  • Product Market Fit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • User testing & validation
  • Business Modelling & revenue potential
  • Pitch & presentation skills
Why build an MVP?

A Minimum Viable Product (alternatively the ‘minimum loveable product’, or minimum viable prototype) is the simplest version of your new product or service - with just enough core features to test it with users, gather insights and validate your hypotheses. This allows you to minimize cost and risk (in case assumptions were incorrect), whilst still garnering as much validated learning as possible.

The objective is to launch something that users want, need and are willing to pay for; our process shortens the development phase and therefore the time to market.

Spin in, spin out or abandon ship

By now, you’ve probably heard the startup saying ‘fail fast’. In the startup world, there’s no shame in trying something bold and finding it doesn’t work; the key is learning this before too much time or money has been invested. That’s when you either pivot or go back to the drawing board.

During our program, there will be several chances along the way to put a hard stop on an idea if it is not promising. Only with real potential will we pursue it. From successful ideas, there are two options to follow up:

Spin in

‘Spin in’ means to incorporate the idea into your company. It could be a new product, service or process to either improve the status quo, or try something totally new. We can support you through this to ensure the knowledge is transferred and the right steps are taken to bring your idea to light. IXDS has extensive experience in helping companies implement startup thinking, thanks to our #New Work HUB.

Spin Out

If you want to continue your startup idea and bring it to market, but not from within your corporation, you will spin out. We can assist you in finding the right team to dedicate to the project, with the option for IXDS to stay on as advisors in the long term.

IXDS Startup for Hire is highly cost-effective, time-efficient and the ideal environment to build user-centered startups.

To discuss this further, please contact We can't wait to bring your ideas to life.

Startups We Built

We have extensive experience building startups, both from scratch and spun out of existing companies. We collaborated with Bosch on their startup Life Buddy, with Telekom to create Soundian, and we were approached by Atlantic Labs to co-create Mimi Hearing Technologies with the two founders.