Starke Frauen Starke Wirtschaft

Supporting Germany’s women in business.
The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has launched a campaign to foster change for women in the workforce. We have been getting involved, and are encouraging others to get behind this important initiative too. 

The wage gap between genders is real in Germany, and women are still grossly underrepresented in executive positions. Yet, according to Eurostat, women are more well-educated than ever. The new #StarkeFrauenStarkeWirtschaft (Women in Business) initiative by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) seeks to address this discrepancy. 

In June 2017, our CEO Nancy was one of more than 300 successful women to gather at the BMWi in Berlin. Other participants included young and established entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and women from the start-up scene. Together, they discussed what is necessary for women to become even more involved and visible in the German economy.

This exchange formed the basis of the #StarkeFrauenStarkeWirtschaft manifest. It highlights concrete recommendations for action directed at political decision-makers in the coming legislature periods, and also serves as an appeal to companies, as well as women themselves. The manifest outlines guiding principles for the future and serves as a starting point for discussion.

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To read more about the initiative or view statistics, click here to visit the BMWi website.

To read more about this in German, please click here.

To support the #StarkeFrauenStarkeWirtschaft manifest, head to change.org to sign the petition now!