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Generate inspiration, insights and impact at our Berlin studio
IXDS is a platform where innovators from everywhere come together to solve challenges to create a better future. We open the doors and invite you to join us.
Great ideas need a great environment


We strongly believe in the power of a creative environment to achieve the best work. Bringing people together to fuel cross-company and cross-discipline discussion is one of our specialities and we designed our studios to seamlessly support this.

An atmosphere of freedom and creativity surrounds the events we host, like our Pre-Work Talks on topics like innovation, design, technology or art, workshops in which we quickly solder and craft prototypes, parties, design jams, hackathons, and many more.

Our brick-walled backyard studio in a former Berlin Kreuzberg factory was even used as a movie location!

Sharing the magic


For thirteen years, IXDS provided a platform for innovators from everywhere (clients, external experts, end users, team members, you name it) to jointly create solutions for a better future. We partner with ambitious individuals and teams who dare to bring innovative ideas to life. Together, we uncover potential, prototype experiences and validate assumptions that drive us to the right, strategic decisions.

Now we want to extend our experience and knowledge to you as well.

What we offer


Expect to find everything you need in our Berlin studio, including:

  • An open auditorium for talks, presentation, or group discussions
  • 3 meeting & workshop rooms for groups up to 25 people
  • Electronics and hardware workshops
  • WiFi, projector and large canvas
  • Ample wall space to work visually
  • Movable whiteboards
  • Enough post-its for design-sprints
  • Complimentary espresso, coffee, tea, and soft drinks
  • Kitchen with kitchenware
  • …and much more!

Most importantly, you will have access to us - a unique set of experts that are happy to extend IXDS’ hand in consultation, support or moderation for your event!

Whether planning a one-day boutique retreat, a three-day hackathon, a weeklong creative workshop, a two-week design sprint, or an expert dinner, we look forward to sharing our strong experience in co-creation with corporations, enterprises, startups, non-profits, and governments tailored to your needs.

The location


Situated in the heart of Kreuzberg, you’ll find plenty of options for creative breakouts, dinner or after-work drinks with some of Berlin’s best cafes, pizzas and international cuisine just meters away. Public transportation is right around the corner as well.

You can start right away


No need to wait; we are just a click away! Write us at berlin@ixds.com

Make your next event your best event!

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