See, learn, believe – the New Work journey

»Some of the next important innovations will not result from new technologies, but from new ways of working together and organizing work« Thomas Malone, MIT
The ways in which we collaborate and organize our work are changing. We are asked to navigate complexity in a digitalized world. We see corporate cultures evolving towards entrepreneurship, and long-established organizations developing startup qualities. Boundaries are breaking down and more and more companies are organizing themselves as platforms and networks.

Career paths and skill development feed into “work mosaics” that allow team members to choose when they work on which projects. People want to participate in decision-making, and are asking for more transparency not only as consumers but also employees.

We also see important shifts in leadership and learning; shifts that are driven by demographic changes, the proliferation of values of participation, democracy and sustainability. Companies cannot ignore this because talent is rare and valuable.

We work together with clients who want to build organizational models and working cultures that support their transformation towards digitalization and customer-centricity.

We believe that user-centered innovation tools, service design and agile working methods are great approaches to designing organizations for the future, and we agree with the Harvard Business Review Magazine that prototyping is “the single most pragmatic behavior in innovation”.

We are proud that some of the most transformative examples are our own clients, and the way that have prototyped and successfully implemented new ways to work.

We want to be a voice in the design of human-centered workplaces, applying innovation tools to the design of organizations. Here are a few ways we do this.

Inspiring courage for transformation

We initiate and co-create inspiration journeys. Seeing is believing, and so we aim to give organizations the courage to transform the way they work by witnessing how other companies has successfully implemented change.

By visiting creative work spaces, hearing from organizations and being introduced to new tools, clients experience new ways of working in a digitalized world first-hand, exchanging experiences and learning from peers.

Enabling mind shifts and cultural evolution

All organizations need startup qualities, including user-centered thinking and doing in a digitalized and democratized work world.

Introducing better ways of working together starts with experiencing better outcomes, facilitated by this new way of working. We co-create learning journeys with our clients, from one-day workshops to 3-6 month processes. Team members work on actual business challenges and apply user-centric innovation tools, which leads to the quick implementation of prototypes. Learning becomes integrated into actual doing.

We also offer standard learning formats for service design methods through the IXDS Academy.

Co-designing future organizations

Great (digital) customer experiences demand new, more connected kinds of collaboration, learning and user-centered thinking. With our help, managers embrace the potential of their teams and align organizational models and culture with bigger innovation initiatives, like the redesign of business models.

Our support ranges from designing team structures, learning systems, prototyping hubs and startup structures, to the design of physical new working environments.

For leaders who seek solutions for individual challenges – for example, future-directed feedback systems, payment models, learning formats, and talent recruitment – we offer workshop formats and hackathons that build quick-to-iterate prototypes based on solid user insights. Where necessary, we collaborate with experts from our network.

Through our projects you can discover just how powerful these innovative tools have been in delivering tangible outcomes. As the way we work continues to evolve, so too will these approaches as together with clients we help create connected and responsive mindsets.