Hello, I am
Sebastian Ehrenreich

Berlin Studio Manager
Keep calm and call your Studio Manager!

Sebastian is Berlin’s Studio and Event Manager. 

Since joining in March 2019, Sebastian has managed internal and external IXDS events, kept the Berlin team and studio safe and secure, and taken on a wealth of other responsibilities.

Sebastian studied and trained in the business of hospitality in Berlin and worked in hotels across Europe before becoming a Customer Experience Manager at Lieferheld and pizza.de. Most recently, Sebastian ran a cozy café in Berlin’s Neukölln, and was Office and Feel Good Manager at AI startup, LEVERTON.

On his 5th day, Sebastian cultivates his garden, plants vegetables, and spends time with his friends and growing family.  You might also find him running a book club where members discuss not only books, but how to make the world a better place by donating profits from flea market sales, collecting rubbish in public parks, and more.