Hello, I am
Robert Grummt

Great healthcare is healthcare that is designed for the people.

Robert joined IXDS in May 2016 as Engineering and Design Lead in the Participatory Health Venture. As a Co-Entrepeneur in this, he strives to transform healthcare for the benefit of the patients. 

Before joining IXDS, he worked several years for a market leader in medical technology, where he spearheaded the customer-centered development of software products. He was part of a team that created industry-leading products for the radiation treatment of cancer based on novel algorithms and user interfaces.

He developed strong business planning skills during his time at a leading strategy consulting company and applies this knowledge at a personalized medicine startup, where he is responsible for business development and product design.

Robert earned a PhD in Mathematical Physics and spent several years teaching mathematics and physics to upcoming teachers at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. During this time he delved into Greek Philosophy, which still strongly influences natural sciences today.

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