Hello, I am
Robert Friebe

Technology is a means to an end, and that end is people.

Robert studied cinematography at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He worked as a Digital Imaging Specialist in the film industry for the over 10 years with long-term stays in Denmark, Lithuania and the UK. He performed the color grading, data management and workflow design on international film productions. 

Before joining IXDS, Robert was the task group lead for the development of a semantic database application within a media technology research program in Potsdam Babelsberg. In addition, he guided the technology design of a digital film data backup solution as well as a networking initiative for industrial and cultural applications of VR technologies.

At IXDS, Robert is avid about emerging technologies and future trends of smart applications concerning transport, living and sustainability. He is eager to contribute to the promotion of innovative and sustainable approaches to the use of modern technologies.

In his spare time, Robert enjoys being on the Baltic sea with his wooden sail boat that’s twice as old as he is. For Robert, traditional craftmanship puts everything back into perspective.

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