User centric healthcare offerings

Co-creating new offerings and coaching the SPIE ICS team in applying user centric creation methods.
How can SPIE ICS create offerings that truly differentiate it as being the leading enabler of efficiency in the French healthcare sector?

SPIE ICS is the French subsidiary of an international corporation supporting its customers to design, build, operate and maintain facilities that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. SPIE ICS provides IT and communications infrastructure—from the user workspace, to data center, to different industry segments across France. For example, one of its strongest fields is bringing connectivity to healthcare institutions with the aim to enable efficient services to all related stakeholder groups (e.g., hospital staff, patients and visitors). We at IXDS have been asked to co-create new offerings derived from user needs with the SPIE ICS healthcare team, while at the same time coaching the SPIE ICS team in applying user centric creation methods. This is the second step we have taken with SPIE ICS, as part of a larger engagement to help it excel in being a user-centered corporation.


We developed a two sided approach. On the one side we led our client through a user centric creation process based on observations and user research in hospitals and elderly homes. Together we developed, prioritized and elaborated ideas to improve SPIE ICS’ healthcare clients’ efficiency, while delivering a relevant user experience. On the other side we coached our client in the methodology, and from there developed and implemented a first version of a ready-to-use user centricity toolbox that can be applied by all industry teams within SPIE ICS.


We not only jointly developed three different new offerings for hospitals and elderly homes that SPIE ICS is able to launch in 2017, but also defined the building blocks to create a detailed business plan for these offerings (incl. partner eco-systems, and go-to market approaches). The new physical and digital toolbox contains all necessary templates to guide all SPIE ICS teams through a user-centered design process to develop innovative offerings for all of their vertical markets.