The commuter diary – Understanding long-term user behavior

Getting into the minds of commuters to reveal innovation opportunity areas for BVG.
Who are our commuters and what do they expect from us? Who are not and why? Those were the questions we were tasked with answering for one of Germany’s leading public transportation company’s marketing and digitalization teams.

We really wanted to get into the minds of the commuters on this one! We conducted qualitative user research by setting up study groups representing the different customer demographics. The research was conducted with a design-driven approach, which was enjoyable for the participants. This provided us with detailed and deep insights into the minds of the customer while on the go.

IXDS guided the study from the planning, the implementation, to evaluation very professionally. We felt very well-advised and it was obvious there was a very high level of expertise in the team.

Jekaterina Cechini, Head of digitalization department, BVG

Our research de-anonymized the customers’ needs and expectations, and pointed to where there was potential for innovation. In addition to proposing strategic consulting on the results, and following an ideation workshop, we effectively helped BVG lay a strong foundation from which innovative ideas will sprout.