The BVG commuter diary – Understanding long-term user behavior

How can BVG provide an attractive commuter experience and seamless mobility?
Who are commuters using BVG services and what do they expect from these? Who are not using them and why? Those were questions we were tasked with answering for one of Germany’s leading public transportation company’s marketing and digitalization teams.


We carried out substantive user research to understand the needs and expectations of public transport users. We used explorative, analogue methods such as self-observation kits and diaries, as well as mobile and digital methods. The research also involved real-time impressions from users of the transport systems.

Using these findings, we identified and described central areas of innovation for Berlin's main public transportation company BVG.


IXDS guided the study from the planning, the implementation, to evaluation very professionally. We felt very well-advised and it was obvious there was a very high level of expertise in the team.

Jekaterina Cechini, Head of digitalization department, BVG


Based on this definition of innovation topics, BVG, and in particular the newly hired CDO, were able to lay a strong foundation for an innovation roadmap of their service landscape.

This user-focused roadmap is based on the thoroughly researched needs and wants of BVG customers.