Showcasing connected mobility

Designing an interactive table that illustrates the impact of increased connectivity between all mobility providers.

Together with the team at HERE we designed a solution that would allow them to invite interested parties, partners, or infrastructure providers to discuss their vision of the future of mobility. Based on the requirements derived in two intensive workshops, we went from initial conceptual designs to a fully implemented version in seven sprints. This included the product design, interaction design, visual design and implementation. 


The result is an interactive table that simulates the traffic flow of cars, public transport and freight. The degree of connectivity can be manipulated as can the time horizon. By means of different personas who want to travel from A to B, the impact of transportation, connectivity and time of day can be experienced on a personal level.

You can learn more about the table was developed in this interview the HERE team conducted with our engineers for an article on the HERE 360 blog. 

Visualizing Mobility at CES 2017 via HERE