Seamless integration of Firefox OS privacy features

Concept and integration of meaningful privacy features into the Firefox OS experience.
Privacy is moving into the spotlight of consumer concerns, due to the increasing amount of digital data we disclose, and also in the wake of revelations about surveillance by government agencies. Mozilla and Telekom Innovation Laboratories asked IXDS to help develop effective privacy features that integrate well with the Firefox OS experience.

We collaborated with a group of users to explore various private and sensitive fields and how they adapt their strategies to the digital world. The biggest obstacle is a perceived high barrier to the topic, while at the same time everyone feels the need to be more careful. We therefore developed an accessible but also actionable tour through the settings of Firefox OS.


The illustrated tour became a highly noticeable feature of the pending release of the next version of Firefox OS. The iconic illustrations and carefully crafted texts instantly received positive reviews throughout the web. It makes Mozilla’s strategy of putting knowledge and decision (back) into users’ hands tangible and credible.