Monitor your heart health anytime, anywhere

Mobile self-diagnosis ECG for heart patients.
Since 2014, IXDS has been working with the Personal Med Systems team on their CardioSecur product. We helped them with the accompanying app, which gives patients a better understanding of their heart condition and symptoms. We assisted them in revamping the app for the first 12-lead ECG (electrocardiogram) heart check, which people can use at home or while traveling.

We conducted an in-depth user study to understand the needs and intentions of different potential user groups in both private and professional contexts. We translated the insights into a detailed blueprint that contains use cases for all relevant stakeholders.

Our goal was to shift the product understanding from a purely medical device towards a heart health companion that paints a more holistic and relevant data picture.

The app was awarded 2nd prize at the international MEDICA conference.


Based on our findings and concept we developed the visual design and the interaction patterns for the app.

The new CardioSecur experience is truly user-centric, friendly and actionable. The user can acquire knowledge before using the electrodes, and receive real time feedback when measuring their heart rate. The app also allows users to share data with clinicians and other people they trust.

Through the redesign, the users view the app as more of a companion for their daily life as a heart patient, rather than simply a tool for taking medical measurements. The professionals’ acceptance of CardioSecur as a medical device was also enhanced through the redesign.