Drill AR - Real time guidance through augmented reality

How can augmented reality help people to use power tools with confidence?


DIY (do it yourself) is on the rise, but a main obstacle to further adoption is that people often lack the confidence to use power tools correctly and safely. 

We wanted to use our expertise in prototyping to get more people into DIY, so over the course of two weeks we created and prototyped Drill AR. Drill AR uses augmented reality to support the user by visualizing the drilling depth as an AR marker on the real drill bit, and by displaying the locations of pipes and electrical wires inside the wall.

Drill AR - Use power tools with confidence


Drill AR is a working prototype, focused on home DIY, but the core idea of using augmented reality for real-time contextual guidance can be also applied in the professional sector. 

For instance, in manufacturing, the technology can be used to assist workers with complex assembly by providing instructions in real time. In maintenance, the AR tool could aid inspections by highlighting different parts to be examined, or even enable an external expert to support inspections remotely.