Coaching internal corporate innovators

Research and support to push internal startup ideas forward.
We have been working with a major corporate business that takes a unique approach to innovation, offering its team members from throughout Germany the opportunity to become part of a startup accelerator program. Teams are brought together to work on a new product or service, and our challenge is to get engaged in the early stages of the process to provide the necessary coaching and support to help the teams further develop their startup ideas. 

The teams' ideas require user research and product design. Initially they are able develop the concept themselves, but there comes a time when they become stuck, without the right methodology to push the idea forward. They don’t have the expertise to know, for instance, if the product’s shape and functionality is on the right track – this is where we step in.

We coach them and provide assistance with user research to really understand the need and relevance, what the product should look like. For this we have developed an interview style guide, and we work through the process of how to conduct one-to-one interviews with the team members. In addition to research techniques, the coaching includes taking them through processes such as insight generation, identifying opportunity areas, and mapping priorities.

What’s important throughout the coaching is that besides the methodology, everything else is developed together with the teams. 


Because we developed ideas and concepts together, the teams were better equipped to follow the “creative thinking” process. They left the workshops with the tools, knowledge and service concept they needed to support their idea in the best possible way.

In addition, they were more prepared and confident to verbalize and present their concept to the management board, because they understood the touchpoints between the single ideas.