Co-Creating New Work principles with the Goethe-Institut

How can the Goethe-Insitut leverage their move to new premises as a catalyst for New Work?
The opening of new offices for the Goethe-Institut provided them with the opportunity for new patterns of work as well. Together with IXDS, principles of New Work could be tested and designed specifically for the new office environment.


The Goethe-Institut aimed to leverage the relocation of its headquarters as catalyst for New Work: creating new spaces and working environments to foster new forms of collaboration and innovation culture.

Together with a selected group of stakeholders and relocation ambassadors, we went through a compact process of organizational prototyping. We developed the Goethe-Institut vision for NEW WORK and identified concrete opportunity areas related to the new location.



In a two-day Hackathon the teams created prototypes that have been implemented, evaluated and iterated within the new Goethe-Institut headquarters. These ranged from rituals and tools for desk-sharing and working in open spaces to specific solutions on how to make the collective skill-set more tangible and increase peer-to-peer exchange.

The process served as a New Work collaboration training: self-initiated, trustful, cross-department cooperation creating tangible outcomes quickly in a fail-and-learn approach. IXDS complemented this successful prototyping approach with different formats of inspiration and training.

IXDS is an innovation agency with a very pragmatic approach. Their work with prototypes offers us a lot of potential to apply these methods in the longer term. IXDS also practice New Work themselves.

Tina Lierheimer & Daniela Gollob (Organizational Development Officers, Goethe-Institut)

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