Co-Creating new Dining Technologies with BSH

How can BSH rapidly develop a novel dining technology concept that target users find useful and appealing?
With an opportunity for dining technology identified, BSH sought to rapidly prototype several options in order to find a winning concept.


Having identified an opportunity area and product idea in a specific mealtime occasion, BSH sought IXDS’s help in rapidly bringing the concept to life and to ensure its desirability with target user groups. This would allow BSH to make a go/no go decision on the concept with user-centred evidence.

Collaborating as an IXDS / BSH blended team based in our Munich studio, we set off on a two-week design sprint with an emphasis on in-context user research and hardware prototyping.



In a high-paced, focused and fun 10-day sprint, the project accelerated from an idea on a  PowerPoint slide to a high-fidelity prototype and defined value proposition. Design variants were tested with target users in the first week, and a high-fidelity prototype and mobile interface were tested in the second week.

The result was a compelling, user-centred endorsement of the concept and the overall desirability of the design, allowing BSH to progress the project with a high-degree of confidence in its potential.