Bringing connectivity to healthcare institutions with SPIE ICS

How can SPIE ICS provide an innovative offering that would differentiate them as the leading enablers of efficiency in the French healthcare sector?
One of SPIE ICS’ strongest fields is bringing connectivity to healthcare institutions. This provides efficient services to all related stakeholder groups, such as hospital staff, patients and visitors.


Alongside the SPIE ICS healthcare team, IXDS was tasked with co-creating innovative new offerings derived from user needs. IXDS also coached the team in applying user-centric creation methods to develop new services and solutions.



Three new offerings were developed for hospitals and nursing homes for use in 2017, as well as defining the building blocks to create a detailed business plan for implementing these offerings.

Furthermore, IXDS developed a physical and digital toolbox containing a complete set of templates to guide all SPIE ICS teams through a user-centered process for developing new offerings for all of their vertical markets, such as public services, education and banking.