A playful hearing test for kids

Early detection of hearing disabilities can help children integrate well despite the impairment.
Atlantic Ventures approached us to help them and Solar Ear design a hearing test for kids. The challenge was to find  a solution which keeps kids interested, as concentration is key for a hearing test to work. The tool also needed to be created so it could work in different countries.

We reinvented the hearing test for kids by proposing it be integrated into a game. The game is based on visual storytelling, no speech is needed. The hearing test is conducted during the course of the game, while the kids are playing, being stimulated and engaged by images of monsters and trying to reach different levels.


Solar Ear won the important Verizon Powerful Answers award. By utilizing a smartphone to implement a low-cost hearing screening program, it is beneficial for developing countries where there is limited access to hearing testing, hearing aids and hearing-care facilities.