Unleashing the Potential of Organizational Prototyping

Touchpoint, March 2020, Vol.11 No.3
IXDS team members Gloria Biberger, Stephan Rein and Alexandra Pretschner co-authored an article in the March 2020 edition of Touchpoint Magazine. The article explores the unique IXDS approach to Organizational Prototyping, including applying this to our recent work with the Goethe-Institut.

As businesses big and small attempt to increase both productivity and employee satisfaction, companies are keen to explore new methods of working and new workplace routines. Our Organizational Protoyping model allows workplaces to experiment with these new methods themselves, and discover new approaches to office life.

Institutions like the Goethe-Institut, who we recently collaborated with, are already embracing these changes and seeing the results.

In the latest issue of Touchpoint magazine, Gloria Biberger, Stephan Rein and Alexandra Pretschner explain how the process can be applied to an organization of any size, and what rules should be followed to ensure lasting success. This includes our work with the Goethe-Institut, which is detailed in the Touchpoint article.

The full issue of Touchpoint, containing the article, is available to buy at the Service Design Network website.

Click here for more information on our collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, and here for an interview with the teams from IXDS and the Goethe-Institut about New Work and how it can be introduced to a company (interview also available in German).