Smart Coatings

BASF, Coating Matters, Issue #10, June 2019
In BASF's internal magazine, our user experience designer Fabian Bartelt explains how coataings change from surface to interface.

Four hours of monotonous driving on the autobahn - this used to mean a waste of time and a good deal of stress. Self-driving cars will be a game changer and open a plethora of new possibilities and freedom instead. As ex-drivers, we will spend this time doing what we want: reading, working or simply looking out of the window. This development will completely change what we expect from the interior of cars and the materials used for it. Including the painting and coating.

For BASF's internal magazine "Coating Matters", our user experience designer Fabian Bartelt explained how smart coatings will transform from surface to interface and how this will change the way we interact with self-driving cars as unique novel spaces.

The full article is available in English and German:

Smart Coatings[PDF 0.3 MB]
Smarte Lacke[PDF 0.3 MB]