Patient empowerment, keynote at conhIT

conhIT Berlin, April 2016
Our participatory health Director Ulrike Anders spoke at conhIT 2016 Berlin, about the role of design in healthcare  in a session on “Patient Empowerment". After the event the audience voted for their favorite talks, and Ulrike's was named among the top 20.
Patient empowerment session abstract

Fitness and health tracking, information and motivation, Dr. Google and second doctor opinion, doctor-patient communication, clinical pathways and patient safety, drug safety and predictive modeling – the information society continuously accelerates the development of patient benefits and new risks.

How can service providers react to this new flow of information, spread via smartphones? And how can the practitioner adapt to a future where more and more data becomes available to patients, detected via wearable sensors and other technology? 

Development of the first ECG for household

In this session, Ulrike spoke about the mission and approach towards creating CardioSecur, the mobile self-diagnosis ECG (electrocardiography) for heart patients. Since 2014, IXDS has been working with the Personal Med Systems team on the product, helping them, among other things, with the accompanying app, which gives patients a better understanding of their heart condition and symptoms. We also assisted them in revamping the app for the first 12-lead ECG (electrocardiogram) heart check, which people can use at home or while traveling.

The app was awarded 2nd prize at the international MEDICA conference.