Join the Arbeit 4.0 dialogue with our CEO Nancy!

“We need the space to experiment and make mistakes!” Our CEO Nancy Birkhölzer has a clear message in our exciting cooperation with the German government’s initiative about new work.  

A play on Industry 4.0 and labelling the future of work, Arbeit 4.0 was called to life by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs with the aim of easing the transition into newer work models, and to give impulses on how the future of work could look – and what to avoid. The platform serves as an instrument for a co-creation process to offer and test solutions for the future of work.

new work affects more than just companies and their employees – the questions surrounding this massive paradigm shift engage politics, economics, society, science, churches, and labor unions. In order to foster this transition, myriad of experts from a vast spectrum of backgrounds are at the ready to share their knowledge and to speak in an open dialogue to the public on the initiative’s website: www.experimentierraeume.de

Nancy is one such expert. In her introductory video, she explains why, in future, teams will be more of an asset than a manager and that prototyping is key to learning. “We need the space to experiment and make mistakes!” she says. “This helps us find out what doesn’t work quickly and, effectively, allows us to arrive at what does work much faster.”

Interested in speaking to Nancy or some of the other experts? Click here. (Heads up: this website is in German.)

Want to get in touch us with and learn about our work with new work? Email us at new-work@ixds.com!