IXDS launches new startup initiative IXDS labs

Press release IXDS, 25 February 2016
Germany’s leading service design studio sets out to build the best connected hardware startups
IXDS labs official launch
Press release, February 25th 2016

A new approach to innovation – IXDS, Germany’s leading service design studio, has launched IXDS labs; a platform where designing, prototyping and startuping meet. This venture paves the way for new forms of collaboration, combining IXDS’s proven service design approach and agile startup methodology to build world-class connected hardware products. In addition to establishing their own startups internally, IXDS labs cooperates with entrepreneurs, startups and corporates in various formats, from joint ventures and co-founding new business to offering ‘startups for hire’.

IXDS has a reputation for designing successful products and services for global brands such as Bosch, Deutsche Telekom and BMW; understanding user needs and human intention is at the core of their process. With this foundation, IXDS labs has inhouse access to a comprehensive skill set, from initial user insight generation to building functional prototypes. IXDS labs focuses on the industries where IXDS has already built extensive expert knowledge through years of consulting; Healthy Living (Healthcare), Connected Living (Smart Home), Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Seamless Mobility and Continuous Learning (Education).

Areas of team expertise include service design, industrial design, engineering, hardware and software prototyping, management support and business development. The platform enables teams to iterate and validate new ideas in a fast, effective way, launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in as little as three to six months.

Professor Reto Wettach, founder of IXDS, commented: “For nearly ten years, IXDS has successfully helped organizations transform their business through agile design methods and a user-insights driven approach. Today, we believe that merging these methods with the best bits from the startup approach is the most promising method of innovation.”

Bryony Cooper, Managing Director of IXDS labs, adds: “IXDS labs has flexible partnership and cooperation models for founders, startups, accelerators and investors, as well as global corporations looking for agile ways to innovate outside of their organizational restraints.”

IXDS already has extensive startup experience, both establishing and developing startups such as Fritzing, FamilyNet, as well as Mimi and CardioSecur who went on to win awards for design and innovation. Mimi, a hearing aid app, was a Tech Crunch Disrupt Finalist in 2014, won Newcomer of the Year at the Best of Mobile Awards 2015, and was also runner up at Pioneers Festival and Web Summit 2014. CardioSecur, a home heart monitor app, came 2nd place at 2015’s ICI Innovation Awards - a prestigious acclaim for Medical Interventions Startups. The first internal startup to be born from IXDS labs, HINT, was featured in Tech Crunch after presenting at Web Summit 2015.

IXDS labs is currently embarking on its first joint venture in the Educational field, bringing interactive and fun learning to children. Following its previous success with Healthcare startups, IXDS labs is also partnering with Healthcubator to initially bring two new innovations to the world of digital health.

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