From Organizations to Organisms, TED talk at Otto Symposium 2018

Future Values, Michael Otto Symposium, April 2018
We are extremely proud to have been a part of OTTO Group’s Symposium on ‘Future Values. Responsibility for Tomorrow’s World,’ or as it trended on social media #ZukunftsWerte. Held in Hamburg on 9 April, the Symposium drew a crowd of the who’s who in the areas of business, politics, civil society and the media. From IXDS, Nancy Birkhölzer and Verena Augustin gave a very well-received TED talk on ‘From Organizations to Organisms,’ and took part in a panel discussion alongside Anne Kjaer Riechert, CEO and Co-Founder ReDI School, and Co-Founder and CEO of the consulting studio Ignore Gravity Jan Bathel. Learn more about it and watch the talk below.
Nancy Birkhölzer & Verena Augustin talk about transforming from an organization to a living organism.

The driving force behind the gathering was Dr. Michael Otto, the entrepreneur and Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board, whose 75th birthday (which the Symposium celebrated) marked a milestone for a man and his company that has for decades been dedicated to sustainable and value-oriented business activity.

The event covered a wide spectrum of topics, but all centered around the future of humanity: from sustainability and climate protection to globalization, growing inequality, the future of education and the digitalization of business.

Nancy and Verena were there to speak about the future of organizations and the many benefits of transforming from an organization to a living organism. They discussed IXDS’ experiences undergoing this kind of change, and how everything we do is purpose-driven, with the aim to ‘Create desirable and lasting impact by empowering individuals, teams and businesses.’ Watch the full presentation to understand what kind of work this drives us towards, and how we approach projects with collaborative skills-based teams where job titles no longer play a role. 

More on the Symposium

Dr Michael Otto, the entrepreneur and Chairman of the Otto Group Supervisory Board, celebrated his 75th birthday on 12 April 2018. As an outstanding business leader, Michael Otto has not only played a decisive role in establishing and expanding the Otto Group as a globally active retail and services group; he recognized the importance of digital innovations for retail at an early stage and took a visionary stance in committing to sustainable, value-orientated business activity. As an entrepreneur he has consistently fulfilled his responsibility for the overall welfare of society over the past decades. At the same time he is personally engaged as a sponsor and major philanthropist in environmental, development-policy, societal, health-sector and artistic projects.

In his honor the Otto Group held a Symposium on fundamental questions regarding the future of our society: on sustainability and climate protection, on the crisis of globalisation, on growing inequality, on the digitalisation of business, and on the future of education.