Emerging Opportunities and the Future of Work

Jovoto.com, June 2020
IXDS Managing Director Nancy Birkhölzer joined fellow future business experts Raphael Gielgen, Moritz Ettl and Bastian Unterberg in an online panel discussion and Q&A session "Emerging Opportunities and the Future of Work", as part of the jovoto ForeWork Webinar.  

Nancy Birkhölzer, Managing Director at IXDS (part of the PwC network), Raphael Gilgen, Future of Work Trendscout at Vitra, and Moritz Ettl, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Forever Day One took part in an in-depth 1-hour debate centred around the disruptions to work caused in 2020. The event was moderated by Bastian Unterberg, CEO of Jovoto, as part of the Jovoto Webinar 2020.

As well as analyzing the negative affects of working in a pandemic, the panel sought to highlight opportunities and areas for growth within this changing landscape.

The discussion was streamed live and is available to watch in full on Vimeo.