Driven or self-determined - the future of consumer protection

June 4, 2018 – Bayern2 “Notizbuch”
As consumers in the digital age, we are often unaware of our legal rights - or can't be bothered to understand them. New GDPR regulations have come in to play to give consumers more rights and control, and our legal design expert Astrid Kohlmeier spoke to radio station Bayern2 about the importance of framing legalities in a way that will empower the consumer, the future of consumer protection and the positive impact legal design will have on this. 

Consumers today are consistently overwhelmed with information they don’t need or understand, and usually check out mentally as soon as there is an attempt to inform them about their rights. This is especially true online. Clicking that we have “read and understood” the terms and conditions is – let’s be honest – a huge lie the majority of us are guilty of committing. But it’s too much, too complicated – so we click “OK” to get on with it. 

The result? We, as consumers, have difficulty in understanding our rights, and, as a result, seldom enforce them. 

How can legal design help? Make it simple! By framing the content in an easy-to-understand nutshell, without the masses of details, the consumer can finally obtain the essential information most relevant to them. The convoluted becomes user-friendly, and that’s the idea. Because, as Astrid says herself in the interview: “Law is there for the people, and the intelligibility of the law must be the first premise of a legislator.” 

You can listen to this super interesting, universally applicable podcast here

If you’re short on time, skip ahead to the 20-minute mark, where you can find Astrid’s input. Heads up: The podcast is in German.