Balancing brand and usability: The role of typography in IoT user interfaces

PAGE Magazine
Our Senior Interaction Designer Max Popp has been featured in the 05.2019 issue of PAGE Magazine. Max shares why it is imperative that branded user interfaces are clear and coherent, across linguistic and cultural divides.
English abstract

Many of the big names in household applicances are still using generic pixel fonts for their product display interfaces - making it impossible to maintain a distinguishable corporate image. As a response, in 2015 Monotype developed a special technology - Spark™ - enabling corporations to use their own fonts on devices with small memory size and low CPU speed. 

However, this begs the question: Who is more important, the brand or the user? As a user interface design expert, Max explains how and why the user environment must inform the design process. For access to the full article (in German), visit the PAGE website.