10 Years UNESCO City of Design

Berlin Design Digest, April 2017
IXDS has been featured in the special edition of Berlin Design Digest, which celebrates the 10-year anniversary of UNESCO naming Berlin a “City of Design". Our projects with Google & Rambus are outlined across four pages, highlighting our work into the exploration of new interactions between man and machine.
Book Abstract


“Berlin is a city condemned forever to becoming and never being.” 

Karl Scheffler, Berlin - Ein Schicksal, 1910.

Berlin is creative hotspot. History, multinational ways of life and interdisciplinary impulses attract people from all over the world. Ten years ago, the UNESCO awarded Berlin the title “City of Design”. In celebration of this anniversary, publisher Robert Eysoldt, creative strategy consultant, and Raban Ruddigkeit, designer and publisher, curated 100 projects, products and services from Berlin to display. 

When named City of Design in 2006, Berlin became part of the Creative Cities Network, a worldwide organisation which understands creativity as a factor for sustainable urban development, and which is also engaged in the preservation of cultural diversity.

Design can change people.

People can change the world. 

The immense variety of Berlin’s creative economy ranges across the industries of fashion, music, art, film, media, architecture, gaming, new digital and an outstanding infrastructure for education and research. 

This book juxtaposes innovative experiments and trendsetting initiatives with mega-projects that are relevant to business as well. From architecture to humanitarian design and open source projects, via fashion, product, and communication design. In addition, twelve experts in design and communications offer their thoughts on various design disciplines and processes.

The book will not only inspire readers, but also enable them to exchange, cooperate, and initiate projects with creatives and designers from Berlin that transcend cultures and nations, and that promote an open society and a free world.  

Among those remarkable agencies, IXDS was featured for two projects we realised with major California-based tech players Google and Rambus.