Playfulness, Participation, Possibilities, Pragmatism

The four "Ps" that form the basis of our working culture.
IXDS is famous for its working culture and studio atmosphere. After all, if we can choose how we want to work, why not try for the best of all worlds? At IXDS we call it the four "Ps".

We take our jobs very seriously and are committed to what we do. However, we strongly believe that good work is always a result of curiosity, enthusiasm and enjoying what we do and how we it. Therefore, we encourage everybody to take a playful, hands-on approach to problem solving.

One core part of our work is prototyping – tangible prototypes of products or services open up great possibilities to experience ideas and concepts in a playful way. This not only helps us to develop outstanding solutions but also brings a lot of fun into our daily work – both for us and our clients.


We believe in the power of the group and build on everyone’s expertise and beliefs. Project teams at IXDS are usually interdisciplinary with people of various backgrounds and skills. We prefer to work with and not just for our clients – in participatory co-creation workshops we make sure that as many perspectives as possible are taken into account. As we design for users we always try to actively involve them in our processes, be it in user research, co-creation, testing or evaluation. Participation at IXDS is not just a buzzword – bringing people together regardless of their roles, hierarchy levels or backgrounds, and making them design challenge owners is a key factor for us to realize successful projects.


New technologies offer so many possibilities. We at IXDS are inspired by this huge potential and are striving to help our clients and ourselves make use of it in a human way. Making the best out of possibilities does not mean simply making everything that is possible. The key is to understand the real benefits behind innovations in order to decide wisely what to use and what is best for our clients. Therefore, we give our employees enough space to discover and discuss what is up-and-coming, and we actively support learning and knowledge exchange in internal and public formats like our Pre-Work Talks.

Possibilities are not only about technology – they also apply to new concepts of how we work in organizations. At IXDS, we gather a lot of experience through new prototypes for collaboration and innovative working culture; for us, and for our clients, helping them to implement more human-centered workplaces.


Elaborated, well thought-out and comprehensive solutions are important, but more important is to take the first steps instead of getting stuck with planning. At IXDS, we are a fan of pragmatic, tangible results that can be quickly implemented and experienced early. Following the lean startup idea, we believe in short development cycles and validated learning. Prototyping helps us to make practical decisions and gain feedback from users and clients as fast as possible. Pragmatism at IXDS also means that we encourage our designers not to fear failure – a key factor for innovation and outstanding solutions.