Hello, I am
Patrick Kohl

Motion Pictures Lead
Don't stop imagining!

Patrick is an experienced Berlin-based storyteller, traveller and ‘peoplegrapher’. He specializes in cinematic portraits and capturing human life stories. Connecting with people is his intuition. Telling meaningful stories is his purpose.

In the last three years, Patrick has focused his mind on topics like “What is home?”, the impact of digital transformation, social empowerment and human rights film projects; and is a proactive activist for sustainability and ethics in the garment production industry.

His journeys to cover life on film with national and international NGOs and foundations have taken him to 4 continents, including inspiring countries such as Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nepal, Lebanon, India and Cambodia.

Before working on cultural documentaries, Patrick worked as a journalist for over 10 years, as well as producer and (live-)director for several major international brands and European-based advertising agencies. He founded his first production company at the age of 25, where he worked with all major German TV networks. His newly formed collective, out-of-office.film, is starting soon as well. 

Patrick likes to spend his free time outside, meeting friends and playing the beautiful game of football. He likes the smell of freshly mowed lawns and drinks more coffee than he should.

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