Opportunities for entrepreneurs

We are always looking for experienced & adventurous entrepreneurs. Let's get together.
Maybe you already have your next project sketched out but you're missing a co-founder with service design experience. Or perhaps you're looking for a new challenge; something really meaningful. At IXDS labs, we build connected hardware startups that need great people to drive them forward.

Come to us with an inspiring idea and a skillset that complements our team skills. We can build a new startup together, with you in a leading role, like CEO or CTO. We will be your co-founders, covering all design and prototyping needs to co-create a great user-centred product. At IXDS we have 60+ in-house employees, who are experts in service design, industrial design, visual design, branding, hardware and software prototyping. Together with our Directors' startup experience in CEO and Chief Product roles, we have the core competencies and enthusiasm to make magic happen.

Join the network

Join our network of experienced entrepreneurs to be considered for any future startups we build in the hardware and IoT space, which will need people like you to drive them forward. We'll be hosting regular meetups at IXDS labs; come along and get to know us!

To register your interest, please send an email to info@ixdslabs.com with some details about your background, skills, hopes and ambitions.