New work recommended reading

New insights and perspectives to get you thinking.
In regard to new work, we’re often asked what we are reading, or what resources are helpful for companies looking to adopt new agile work methods or leadership techniques. Although there’s no handbook that will fulfil each organization’s individual needs, here’s some food for thought.
To read in one sitting

Change management is now service design

How service design fills a gap in corporate transformation through applying user insights and co-creation tools.

Focus magazine special: Die Besten Arbeitgeber 2015 (DE)

What are the best employers in Germany and what makes them better?

Sweden introduces 6-hour work day

How Sweden takes a lead in valuing productivity and energy over longer hours.

Making business personal

How and why to invest in a learning organization.

Design thinking comes of age

How user-centered innovation is supporting organizations in transformational change.

Create a culture where difficult conversations aren’t so hard

Making the case for high quality conversations in organizations.

Why agility pays

How organizations benefit from working more like startups and what are the critical success factors.

Transparent salaries and finances: what have we learned?

Why and how a UX studio from Hungary advocates 100% transparency.

What it takes to deliver breakthrough customer experiences

Why organizational transformation is critical for exceptional customer experiences. 

Why millennials understand the future of work better than anyone else

We can learn a lot about the future of work from how millennials are approaching and redefining their careers.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s more (longer) reading

The best place to work

Over the past few decades, advances in behavioral science have produced eye-opening insights into the conditions that help us work more effectively. 

Reinventing Organizations: Ein Leitfaden zur Gestaltung sinnstiftender Formen der Zusammenarbeit

Frederic Laloux’s research and best practices on future/emerging organizations.

Führen mit Hirn: Mitarbeiter begeistern und Unternehmenserfolg steigern

What neuroscience is teaching us about future leadership and future organizations.

The seven-day weekend: A better way to work in the 21st century

The story and practices of Semco – the most radical workplace in the world.

Radikal führen (Sonderausgabe)

A German classic on leadership.

And for you viewing pleasure…

A German collection of liberated workplaces - Watch at Arte TV

Interview with Frederic Laloux on the longing for a different kind of work - Watch on YouTube

Frederic Laloux presents his “reinventing organizations” concept (DE) - Watch on YouTube

Professor Peter Kruse on a study into changes in the working world in Germany - Watch on Next Practice

The case for the 32-hour workweek - Watch on YouTube

Ricardo Semler on a radically democratic organization - Watch the Ted Talk