Munich team lunch: Collaborative culinary chaos

Our weekly team-cooked lunches are much more than an experiment in what it looks like to let designers loose in the kitchen.
Tuesday lunchtimes are gloriously collaborative, culinary chaos. Each week, two intrepid members of the team step bravely into the heat of the kitchen armed only with a bunch of ingredients, their wits, and a carton of triple-chocolate-chip ice cream. Their task? To put their cooking skills to the test to provide sustenance for the Munich team lunch.

Not unlike the team, the food is an eclectic mixture of ingredients and cultures. English apple crumble with Italian coffee? Sure! Mexican chili with a French salad, mopped up with a Bavarian brezel? Why not! These people are hungry! 

They have plenty to discuss as well, and as they squeeze shoulder to shoulder into tightly packed benches, reaching for bowls of food while trying not to elbow their neighbor in the ribs, conversations flow. Conversations about current projects, past projects; about new technology and old methods; about travel, literature, cuisine and the skiing conditions in the Bavarian Alps. Their hopes, their dreams and the rising price of an Oktoberfest beer. All fed with good humor and bad jokes.

And as the plates are stacked away, they are replaced on the table with a screen joining the Munich and Berlin teams via live feed for the weekly team exchange. Presentations of finished work and upcoming events are discussed, while new team members step up to nervously introduce themselves. All with every announcement, however small, roundly applauded.

And as everyone returns to their desks, that spot of homemade soup on the front of their shirt is a badge reminding them that the weekly chaos is actually worth it.