Hello, I am
Mirela Kuzmanovic

Munich Studio Manager
Curiosity and willingness to change are the main ingredients of development.

Mirela joined IXDS in March 2019 as Munich Studio Manager after holding various administrative positions at international businesses, from language institutes to insurance firms.

After studying German Language and Literature, Mirela worked as a translator, teacher, and teacher-trainer, serving as a bridge between cultures, economies, and people.

As a coordinator at a well-established language school in the West Balkans, she managed projects and events, public relations, mentorship, and the standardization of work procedures across 10 offices.

At IXDS, Mirela’s mission is to provide reliable (and humorous!) office support for her colleagues, so they can focus on their clients and projects. The value- and skill-driven culture, and team spirit of IXDS were what drew her to the organization, as well as her desire to learn about new organizational structures and the future of the workplace.

Outside of work, if she is not whitewater paddling, you can find her reading on a park bench, or in a martial arts class when the winter prevents her from enjoying the outdoors. As you can tell, Mirela enjoys any activity that requires quick thinking and keeps her on her toes.